Piano lessons

Teaching to hear, to move, to learn, to express.

Teaching to hear sounds, to hear beauty, to hear oneself, to hear the other.

Teaching to play someone's music, to create own music, to play together, to play for others.

Teaching to be curious, to be creative, to be in a present moment and to move forward.


I'm teaching piano in Ludwig-van-Beethoven Musikschule Bonn, in Musikschule Weilerswist and privat in Cologne. Mostly in german language, also in russian and english.

My focus is the student himself. I'm trying to help to find the way into the dialoge between the student and the musical expression. I'm using many different schools, books, music styles, helping to develope technical skills, giving theory knowledge, improvisation and composition tools. Also trying to motivate students to find joy in playing for public.

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